The broken man


Spring 2016...

Recipient of best Non-Synch Narrative at the Spring 2016 COM Show.

How does a man react when he has his heart broken?
How long does he let himself cry?
Does he, in a fit of rage, trash all his memories of her?
Or does he box them up? Saving them to dwell upon when the feelings aren't as strong.
Does he delete her off of social media?
Does this.... Broken man sleep in and waste the day away?
Must he take an advil to compensate? One? Two?
Does the Broken Man waste his days binge watching new shows on Netflix? Or does he continue watching the unfinished shows he had started when he was with her?
Does the Broken Man try to get in shape? How long does he keep with it until he ends up back where he started?
Does the Broken Man return to his passion? Or has he accepted he's lost it forever?
Does he pretend to go out on Friday nights? Only to drink himself to sleep?
Does the broken man wait for his world to be fixed for him? Or does he fix it himself?
What if... the man changes his style? His hair? His posture and his attitude.
What happens when the Broken Man no longer needs fixing? Does he find success? Get better grades? Buy a better car. Go on better dates. Sleep with better girls. Reconnect. Smile?
How does the Broken Man react?
When the woman who broke him. Tells him she misses him.