Over the last two years I have been telling stories through video. Although I have had the opportunity to shoot and edit NBC shows, the writing requirements in my professional positions have always been the most appealing. Through NBC I have written commercials that have aired on national TV, in NYC Taxis, and the PATH for a diverse set of eyes. I have written voice-overs as well as AV Scripts, and in addition to commercial work, my writing has been shared on social media through affiliated NBC accounts. 

Thanks to the experience I have gained from my career as a filmmaker, I have acquired an extensive knowledge of Adobe software. This knowledge of design makes it easier to share my ideas. I have written copy for social media content that I then designed into a proper advertisement through Photoshop. My ability to write/use creative software allows me to oversee content from conception to the final execution. My experience as a storyteller has earned me a NY Emmy nomination this year. 

My passion for story has been with me for half my life now. Growing up I wrote fictional stories every single day after school. Those stories have evolved into five books that I have self-published for the sole purpose of sharing with my friends. No matter who the audience is, if I believe in something, I want my voice to be heard. 

As a filmmaker, I have spent my years communicating through a visual language. While the images I compose together are breathtaking, they mean nothing without a script. I am looking for an opportunity to use my knowledge to help companies tell stories through copywriting. Much like people, every company has their own voice; I would be thrilled to help you find yours. 


McCann//nbc//chevrolet spot

George Oliphant comes to the rescue with tips for sprucing up any homeowner's outdoor space with a water feature. This home improvement pro shares he couldn't do the work he loves without the help of his Chevy Tahoe.

In this spot I wrote the script for the host George Oliphant.

Next Generation of Farmers

Jenna and Justin are two children who will feed our future. This video uses text on screen to effectively share a glimpse into the lives of two kids who will dedicate their lives to their family’s craft.

NBC Listicle

Experience the best demolition moments from NBC’s George to the Rescue. To guide the viewer through the top moments, I provided comedic voice-over copy.